Our Location and St. Cloud Facility

 ATA Mass Defense started out as many Martial Arts schools do, in a small facility, very often a retail space in a plaza in a local community. The goal, to attract those adults, teens and kids who are looking for a way to stay fit, to learn self defense or perhaps to simply challenge themselves in a way of life that is steeped with self-esteem, self respect, humility and a goal to become better as a person in general.

ATA Mass Defense right from the start was different. The community support was outstanding as family after family in St. Cloud realized that there was an amazing value in joining the ATA Mass Defense family and in a short time the school was outgrowing its facility. 

That consistent growth presented challenges, but those challenges soon turned to opportunities. ATA Mass Defense relocated to its present multi-purpose facility located at 2013 Murcott Drive in east St. Cloud where students and adults alike are trained in the way of ATA Taekwondo. The facility also houses one of St. Cloud's most respected after school programs where students from many of the local elementary and middle schools, both public and private are picked up after their school day is complete and are brought to our amazing facility where they are assisted in their homework responsibilities and trained in Taekwondo five days a week.

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