Adult Fitness

challengeNever Stop Challenging Yourself!

Who says you can only set fitness goals at the beginning of the year? it's absolutely never too late to start! If you've tried the gym time after time and you just can't get up for it after the first month... this time make a different choice... the right choice... ATA!

You do not need to be a member of any of our martial arts programs in order to join the ATA Fitness program.

You can look forward to the following benefits once you join our Adult Fitness Programs:

  • Fat Loss – Increase your metabolism and become a fat burning machine

  • Muscle Toning for longer, leaner and much more wekk defined muscles.

  • Increased Endurance and Stamina so that you can keep up with your crazy hectic schedule.

  • Better Flexibility and Coordination helps your body to operate at peak efficiency and prevent injury.

  • Rebuild Confidence – Once you start looking better, others will notice the changes immediately.

  • Fun – Everyone says it’s easy to stick with ATA Mass Defense because it’s so much fun!

  • Enjoy challenging and fun training sessions that are never boring.

adult1So...what do you say? Are you ready yet to make that choice you've been putting off? Don't let this chance slip away...don't let yourself and your family down!

Contact us to schedule a visit and see if our program is right for you! Call 407-957-5425 now!