ATA Mass Defense Birthday Parties

Parties at ATA Mass Defense are more than just dropping the kids off at a pizza place with games…and letting them run crazy for hours. Our Birtday parties are structured events that kids brag about for months afterwards to their friends and families!

This is what is included in your ATA Mass Defense Birthday Party in St. Cloud Florida:

Two hours of supervised fun and exciting activities(you can relax and let our staff manage and supervise the kids – or get you can jump in and be involved! There are plenty of fun activities for the parents to help out in as well!)

A giant pizza party for the kids along with cake and ice cream of course.
(and extra pizza just for the parents and staff too)

Your child will be able to cut the cake with a sword (this is not an actual sword of course – but they'll have a blast getting to do something THIS COOL!

Parents are certainly welcome to be involved but if you feel like taking it easy...go ahead. We’ll take care of of the kids and all the fun! 

There will be exciting non-stop games, activities, challenges, and of course we'll be the kids some Martial Arts!

And when we're teaching the kids Taekwondo – your kid will be at the head of the class leading the way!
(They’ll be the leading student in the class!)

During the party, we’ll also help your child showcase their Taekwondo skills and make them feel like a total superstar.
Here’s how we do it:

  • We'll show all of the kids some basic martial arts moves – and your child will be right up front, teaching along with our Instructors

  • Your kid will even break a board in front of
all of their party guests (This is ALWAYS a big hit at the party! Of course, this is only if your child has reached this level of training)

  • Your child's guests will be totally amazed when they see how much your child has learned – and for weeks after the party it’ll be the buzz at school and around the neighborhood…they'll have a new found respect for your child....without a doubt!

    Why we do these very special Birthday Parties:

    The positive feedback they'll receive from their peers will boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem – and bring them great pride in everything they’ve accomplished. 

    Our parties are so popular that many kids keep coming back year after year so make sure to reserve your Birthday party soon!

    Call 407.957.5425 to book your party now!